successful home business

What steps should you take for a successful home business?

successful home businessWhat steps should you take for a successful home business?

So you recently started a home business, or you are considering starting one?  What are the keys to making sure it is successful?  I recently listened to a training call with Adam Chandler relating to Getting in the Game.  He identified a list of five items key to a successful home business.

Some of these ideas are fairly obvious, but you would be surprised how many people ignore these five simple suggestions.  It really is not that complicated to have a successful home business.  It takes consistency and daily action.

Five Things that you can do that will virtually guarantee a successful home business:

  1. Attend all training calls – For example, one of the programs I work with has a daily wake-up call and nightly webinars.  Anyone can attend these with no obligation.  We do talk about our company, but you will pick up some awesome tips here and there to build your business.  Pick any leader in the affiliate marketing or network marketing business and you will hear that they attend all of their company training!!
  2. Personal Development Daily – Any successful home business is built on a foundation of education and mindset on a daily basis.  I read for 15 minutes and listen to audios when I am in the car.
  3. Regularly Converse with People to expose them to an income generator – This could be your MLM Company or an affiliate offer that you are using to provide solutions to people.  You could be doing everything else on this list, but if you are not doing this one item, you are not going to make money.  This could range from a phone conversation to an email.  Connect with people regularly.
  4. Attend Live Events – Adam’s comment was “Especially when you can’t afford it.”  If you want to have a successful home business you need to attend the live events within your niche.  I attended 2 events in 2012.  The education you receive is top notch and the connections made with leaders/experts will help you to take your business to a whole new level.  These were life changing for me.  The second one cemented that I am headed in the right direction.
  5. Set your goals and attack them with the conviction of a lunatic – Set measurable goals, so that you don’t have any regrets.  As Adam mentioned in this training, you don’t want to wake up 10 years from now and say, I should have stuck with it.  I spent the latter part of 2012 developing a plan for this year.  After sticking to it for a month, I can honestly say it is making a difference.  It is easy to say things like, I want to generate this many leads, or make this much by a certain date, but you need to be specific and have benchmarks for each item to reach your eventual goal.

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Brett Eater

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