standing out from the crowd

Are You Standing Out From The Crowd In Your Business?

standing out from the crowdAre You Standing Out From The Crowd In Your Business?

This applies to any business.  Are you following the herd and just acting like a sheep?  Are you doing the same thing as your competitors and everyone else?  Take Facebook, for example…when I open it up in the morning, most marketers (on their personal profiles no less) are either dropping a link to their business site, or posting a motivational quote with little or no value.  Standing out from the crowd definitely can be challenging.  There are 100’s of training courses on the nuts and bolts on how to market, but many of them do not teach you how to do it with some individuality.  Read on!

Standing Out From The Crowd Is Not As Difficult As You Think

  • Don’t Plagiarize – It OK to follow what other people are doing and get ideas from their marketing efforts.   Make sure you give credit, BUT, don’t just take an entire post or email and copy it word for word.  It is absurd, but I have had people take my blog posts in their entirety and post them to their blog.  It may not be illegal, but it is certainly unethical.  Even if the person asked me, I would have said no, as it is not good when duplicate content appears (Google penalizes websites for this).
  • Don’t Copy Verbatim – Just this morning, I saw five or six Facebook ads that were all advertising the same affiliate product with the exact same ad copy.  Be original…don’t follow the herd.  It is great to get copy ideas, but create your own ads and test, test, test…
  • Narrow Your Targeting – If you are using paid advertising (like Facebook), make sure you are targeting specific groups, etc.  This takes time to learn effectively, but it is worth it.  In a recent campaign that I promoted on Facebook, I was getting $0.06 clicks to the ad and felt this was good.  Then I created a similar ad and was even more targeted.  The 2nd ad averaged $.03 per click.  An example, targeting “blogging” is huge, but if you narrow that to specific niches within the blogging community, such as people that follow or “like” a certain blogger.
  • Don’t Just Talk About Leads – I see ads and posts every day about generating “x” number of leads.  I get it, you need leads first, but what happens next?  How many of them are you converting to sales/signups?  I know marketers that generate 1000’s of leads and I know people that generate less than 20 in the same time frame.  In this instance, the person with less leads has a higher conversion.  Everyone talks about lead generation, while leaving out what their conversion numbers are.
  • Motivational Quotes – Go easy on posting the motivational stuff.  When I started my Facebook Fanpage, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, I was posting a lot of quotes and motivational type pictures as I thought this was what I needed to do…See my bullet above on “Don’t Copy Verbatim.”  I have scaled this back dramatically. Lately, it just seems over the top to me.  I woke up this morning for example and scrolled through my Facebook Timeline and the first 30 or so posts were all motivational musings.

Now make it your goal to be one of the people standing out from the crowd!

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

standing out from the crowd

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