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Does Your Social Media Branding Strategy Suck?

social media branding strategyDoes Your Social Media Branding Strategy Suck?

OK that might be a bit harsh, but some of these “marketing” types deserve it.  What is your social media branding strategy?  The idea for this post came from the book I just started by Gary Vaynerchuk – The Thank You Economy.  It’s a good one.

It got me thinking about how social media plays such a big role in our lives.  How many times did you post something on Facebook today?  There are of course the naysayers that feel people share too much, but I can tell you – I have re-connected with friends I had not seen in 20 years (or knew how to contact for that matter).

Do people post too much personal stuff?  Sure, but I would bet some of those people share quite a bit in person as well.  At least that is my experience.  So on to branding…

Wait…Do You Even Have A Social Media Branding Strategy?

One of Gary’s early examples was that long before he had a brand; he would use the search functionality within Twitter to see what people were asking questions about.  He would then answer their questions.  He wasn’t trying to sell people anything…just help them out.  Now he has 1.08 million followers on Twitter.  Think about that…

That concept was interesting and it got me thinking about my efforts.  As I scrolled through my Newsfeed today playing the daily game of un-friending people that have spammed me with events, money pictures, and negativity, it occurred to me that the extent that some use social media is just horrendous.  I only remove people that practice what I have mentioned with no prior contact.

I saw Gary speak last year at an internet marketing event and heard him utter the words “marketers ruin everything.”  It’s true.  People are becoming so immune to everything because of the same crappy message.

How is any of this helping their business?  It is not – it might in the short term, but the damage will be done for the long haul.  Think about what people will find if they search you out a year from now.  When that realization hit me…it changed everything.

Things To Think About When Building Your Social Media Branding Strategy

Why do people think sending spammy messages (“hi dear”), spammy posts tagging 400 people (“Do I know you?”), and posting pictures of giant checks (three in the same picture with the same check number – WHAT?) are actually effective methods of marketing?  Someone is teach them poor marketing and branding.  Trust me, I have been there.  It is not sustainable.

I put up some recent posts talking about education and training.  So let me take this a step further with the few questions to ponder based on thoughts from the book and things I see:

  • Is posting the same stack of cash image that 20 other people do, really you? Who are you attracting?
  • Is dropping your link on Facebook to all your friends 5 times a day, the best method you implemented to get leads?
  • Is your marketing based solely on hype and fear of loss?
  • Are you promoting 10 different things in a week?

You need to think about these questions long and hard.  I have my answers.  I will leave you with this thought.  The people that have established a successful social media branding strategy are not taking shortcuts and DO NOT do the same thing everyone else does.  They CONSISTENTLY build relationships with people, etc.  Half the time you don’t even know what business they are promoting.

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To your success,

Brett Eater

social media branding strategy

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