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Opportunity Bashing And Scam Review Posts

scam reviewOpportunity Bashing And Scam Review Posts

Look out, the sea gull might poop on you.  I will not mention the name of the company, but I am just sick for the network marketing industry.  This is not another fake company scam review that then pitches the company I promote.  This is about another network company that has crashed and burned into bankruptcy.  The scam review posts are already reappearing as people position themselves to capitalize.

What is even more sickening is the garbage I have noted as this company shuts down.  People posting things like, “I am sorry to all the XYZ company reps, but if you need help or another opportunity join me.”  I even noted a former company owner post a comment on Facebook that “he understood what they were going through, as he had owned a company….join me in my new thing.”

Many people have called this behavior “vulture like” and I agree.  Unfortunately, this has become a normal occurrence in the network marketing profession and it must stop.

The “I Told You So” And Scam Review Hysteria

I have in the past done a video, and a blog post or two, talking generally about certain generic “scammy” aspects of the profession.  If you have followed me for a while you know that at one time I did have a post up on this site calling out a “leader” and team.  There is a very human reaction when someone feels that they have been scammed.  I have been there.  I blamed everyone and did not accept any of the responsibility.  I removed the post when I realized that it did not serve anyone and was a reminder that I was also to blame.

When it really came down to it, the warning signs were there.  The person running the opportunity had no verifiable track record…other than their word.  I did not have a process in place for due diligence.  When everything fell apart, the last thing I needed was 20 people telling me that “I told you so.”  The company I mentioned at the beginning of this post failed and there were many people that essentially predicted it, but frankly, right now is not the time to be another sea gull flying overhead and pooping on them with self righteous knowledge.

Due Diligence And Scam Review Posts

OK, as I said, I have posted a review or two here.  At a certain point it clicked that I am not an impartial reviewer.  I am involved in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing, so my opinion about a new company is already diminished.  Any company I talk about, outside of the one that I represent, will be seen as a slight to that other company.  So me doing a review like “A Scam Review for company XYZ” does not make a lot of sense.  Instead, I have made it my goal to provide as much value as I can on this site, and leave the reviews to impartial third parties.

My one request is that you go through a due diligence process before you join a company!  And don’t be a sea gull…

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

scam review

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