A Fun Week Overcoming Challenges

overcoming challengesA Fun Week Overcoming Challenges

A few bumps in the road this week…  I lost an entire document last Sunday (it would have been a good blog post).  I found myself sitting there asking myself “What happened to save early, save often?”  Yikes…I know better, but just tried to write the entire damn thing, since I was on a roll.

Tuesday I was working on a video for a contest and it had to be uploaded by Midnight.  Guess what…that didn’t happen.  My four year old windows laptop decided it wanted to grind to a halt…literally.

Then there were the normal life challenges, but that is not what this is about.  Before I move on…an relevant quote:

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” ~Napolean Hill

Sorry, This Post Was About Overcoming Challenges – #1.

First, it was time for a new laptop.  I talked to a good friend (The i-Nerd) and walked through scenarios to replace the old one.  I actually was considering purchasing an iPad at first.  When I walked through my goals for replacing the old laptop, it made more sense to look towards another one (when everything was said and done, the price was about the same).

I ended up buying a MacBook Air this past week…I am writing this post on it…I am in love.  Takes a bit of an adjustment after using Windows based PC’s for most of my life.  I will need to continue researching certain things relating to the Mac, but it was a good and informed decision.

Time for a shameless plug…as part the network marketing company I represent, I have access to online discounts and I was able to save almost $50 at Best Buy, in addition to earning points towards travel. I love that.

My productivity has already improved…even with the learning curve.  Apple just knows how to make an excellent product.

Overcoming Challenges #2

The second issue I had this week, was trying to get some content done.  First, I had the technical issue I mentioned earlier.  This also led to me realizing how much I have been struggling with keeping track of all of the ideas and “to do” items that are constantly swirling around in my head.  I did some research and kept coming back to Evernote.

I downloaded Evernote based on a recommendation.  I have it installed on my iPhone and my laptop – it also synchs up.  I am just getting used to it, but using it as a “sticky note” system.  As an idea pops into my head, I record or type it as a note.

I took this a step further in the last few days and have written a few blog posts (not the whole thing). I had a half hour drive the other day and used the voice feature through my bluetooth and recorded a blog post…it was cool.

Anyway, I will stop rambling for tonight. I am planning to become a better student of productivity and will talk about that in future posts.  There are always challenges and those that figure out ways to deal with them will have success.

Please share and comment about your success in overcoming challenges…

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater








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