Online Marketing Training – 5 Tips To Getting Started

online marketing trainingOnline Marketing Training – 5 Tips To Getting Started

Like anything training is important.  Let’s assume that your goal is to take your marketing online and for that you will need online marketing training.

Where should you start?  The answer to this question unfortunately is not clear cut.  If you have no knowledge of the online marketing world, then you could get mediocre training or worse yet swindled for a garbage course.


What Should You Look For When It Comes To Online Marketing Training?

First, don’t just jump into marketing online without some research.  There is so much garbage online nowadays.  Outdated training, poor methods, and bad webinars.  I have purchased and participated in some of this.

For example, there are marketers that still teach people to spam Facebook Groups.  While these groups have their place, simply dropping links in those groups will give you a potential short term gain, but it does not set you up for a long term business (and you run the risk of getting your Facebook profile shut down).  My experience with the groups is that long term and repeat customers come from providing value in those groups…for example, a blog post.

Here Are The Methods I Use To Evaluate Online Marketing Training

I have spent thousands on marketing courses over the years, both for traditional offline marketing and online marketing.  Some have been absolutely awesome and I still reference them.  Others were garbage and outdated before I bought them…lol.

So here are some tips:

  1. Start with Google.  Obviously, each niche will have their own training.  For example, real estate and affiliate marketing will have theirs.  I would develop a list of 20 to 30 courses that you find.  Try to keep your searches as generic as possible at first.
  2. Read reviews.  I will caution you here as many reviews are turned into reverse sales letters.  For example, the other day I was evaluating a new plugin for this site and I could not find a single review that was not biased and selling a competing product.  Take them for what they are worth.
  3. Connect With Leaders.  Again, be careful here.  As you research you will come across trainers that pitch various products.  Ask a lot of questions.  Most “real” leaders in training, will provide case studies and will have measurable results that are easy to find.
  4. Ask Questions.  As you start this journey, ask a lot of questions.  If you are not getting answers, that could potentially mean something is off.  Participate in the forums and Facebook groups you will no doubt find in #1 above.
  5. Don’t Rush.  This is the most important thing.  Do not rush into making a decision.  I have made this mistake before.  The only time I would say this might generally be OK, is after you have already had training from a particular person and it has helped you.  I have two mentors that I will buy every training course they roll out because they work.

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  • Joyce Anderson

    February 15, 2016

    Great advice in point #5. I have wasted so much on training programs because I did not slow down to truly think things through before clicking the buy button! Great research advice as well – thanks for writing 🙂

    • Brett Eater

      February 18, 2016

      Thanks for visiting Joyce. #5 has been something that I struggled with as well…I have to remind myself frequently to just slow down.