You Are Not Flushing Money Down The Toilet By Making Mistakes In Business

mistakes in businessYou Are Not Flushing Money Down The Toilet By Making Mistakes In Business

I am speaking generally of course.  This blog post is about making mistakes in business from an informed perspective, not the firing from the hip (with no knowledge) type that can sink you quickly.

Mistakes are a part of learning and I dedicate this blog post to a few of them from the past week.

First Of The Mistakes In Business From The Past Week

I have run paid advertising online for about 10 years and made a few mistakes while I was at it.  This includes spelling mistakes in the ad copy to poor targeting and everything in between.

I put up a new ad the other day and felt that the copy was pretty good.  It ran for a week and the cost was close to $50.  The cost per click was approximately $0.43 cents.  That is a decent cost given my normal amount of sales.  What was odd in this scenario was that I had not had a single opt-in (lead) from my capture page.  Even with terrible ad copy, I knew that after close to 100 clicks I would have had at least one opt-in.

I checked the ad and it looked fine, no issues.  I let it run another few days, then I went in to check the keyword on another ad.  I still did not have an opt-ins.  Then it jumped out at me…I did not have the correct website address in the display or target URL sections…WOW…I dropped one letter in both.  As far as mistakes in business go…this was a rookie one.  I learned quickly some time ago to test and re-test the link I would be using in the ad.  Oops…

Second Of The Mistakes In Business From The Past Week

This next one is an ongoing problem of mine.  I will call it educational shiny objects.  What do I mean? Well, I attended two webinars that my gut told me would end in a sales offer, which is fine.  The problem is, do I really need more training at this point.  That was three hours of my time that I could have spent blogging or setting up some new paid ads, etc.

It comes down to money making activities.  I am not taking a shot at continuing education; however, so many new (and at times experienced) marketers get hung up in a cycle of learning without the implementation.   I wrote a blog post a while back relating to a simple method that can help you overcome your fear of making mistakes in business, so CLICK HERE.  I hope this helped…it is OK to make mistakes.  It is part of the process.

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Brett Eater

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