Make 5K in 30 Days – Product Review

make 5kMake 5K in 30 Days – Product Review

So you have decided to get into the home business/Internet marketing/network marketing arena…where do you start?   Recently, one of the founders of MLSP sat down and interviewed 4 top Internet marketers and posed one question:

If you had to start from scratch, what would you use to make 5K in 30 days?

An interesting question to say the least.

The course is broken down into three modules:

Module 1:  Posting on Purpose For Traffic with Rob Fore.  How to create INSTANT traffic to your offers, without a website, without ranking on search engines, and without spending a dime on marketing.

Module 2:  Maximize Traffic and Conversions with Video and YouTube with Mark Harbert and Frank Marino.  How to get started creating traffic, leads and sales with video marketing leveraging YouTube.

Module 3: Instant Lead Generation with Facebook Marketing with Michelle Pescosolido.  How to start advertising on the world’s largest social network and generate leads for your business this week.

BONUS 1: FREE Keyword Research to get your video ranked fast!

BONUS 2: 1200 Leads, 36 Sign-Ups, and $5,000 from just ONE video!Each of courses build off of others.  For example, you would go through the first module to create some content, then you could use the second module to create videos, and then pull it all together with Facebook advertising.

I have been an MLSP member for almost a year and this is the kind of product I have been waiting for.  It is straightforward, does not take too long to go through, and can be implemented quickly.  I am paying special attention to the video marketing section, as that is not an area that I have spent a ton of time.  So I bet you would assume this would cost a few hundred dollars…NOPE.  The Make 5k product is only $27.

You can check out a free movie about this product by clicking the button below.

make 5k

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make 5k

P.S. – If you do not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check out this system (unless you already have too many leads)  – To learn more about the product that can help you make 5k in 30 days – CLICK HERE.


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  • Mary Black

    Reply Reply March 27, 2013

    $5k in 30 Days is a great and inexpensive way to help you figure out which marketing strategy is right for you. I spent thousands of dollars figuring this out the hard way.

    I wish this product had been around a couple of years ago.

    • Brett Eater

      Reply Reply March 27, 2013

      Me too Mary! I wish I had this one at the beginning of last year. It is enough to get anyone going!


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