3 Key Success Factors For Internet Marketing

Key Success Factors3 Key Success Factors For Internet Marketing

I just listened to an awesome webinar by Steve Jaffe.  He talked about key success factors.  There are obviously more factors that play into success in Internet marketing, but the three outlined below are the main factors.  Without following these three, nothing else matters.

Commitment As One of the Key Success Factors

1. Commitment To Your Marketing System – What marketing system are you going to promote and what marketing method are you going to use?  If I have to pick one of the key success factors this would be the one to focus on.  Shiny objects exist everywhere.  Over the last few years I have tested a few different systems and programs.  This definitely hurt me.  Until I began focusing on one marketing system and company, I did not have focus.  There are also a ton of marketing methods and you need to pick one.  I would suggest that you spend the time mastering one concept.  Steve suggests starting to learn another when you hit 40 leads per day – you will be getting sales at this point.  As you join lists and start to learn, there will be a ton of distractions.  Stick to it!  Don’t fall victim to the shiny objects.  I have tried promoting multiple marketing systems, etc.  Don’t do it.  Put 100% into one thing.

Consistency As One of the Key Success Factors

2. Consistency – Steve says be “ruthlessly” consistent.  I have struggled in this area.  I will make an excuse – life gets in the way.  This is all mindset.  Everyone has time in their day to work on their marketing, etc.  I should be doing a blog post 6 days per week.  You need to create momentum.  This is not going to happen by blogging every other day…like I have been.  Full disclosure…I am transitioning to blogging from various paid advertising methods and do generate a decent amount of leads per day.  I have decided that blogging is the way to go and have begun ramping up my efforts.

Resiliency As One of the Key Success Factors

3. Resiliency – Don’t give up after promoting one strategy for three weeks.  You need to stick to it – be resilient.  Don’t waver in your commitment to the system.  As Steve says, “your own emotional state will impact your ability to produce.”  Emotions, challenges, etc. will be a constant.  He further explains that you have to be a warrior, don’t let the roadblocks that will no doubt crop up to slow you down.  The people that are most successful definitely bounce back from challenges.  This can be learned over time.

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