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Why You Should Use The “Invest Learn Teach” Method For Your Business

invest learn teachWhy You Should Use The “Invest Learn Teach” Method For Your Business

If there is one concept that I have really made an effort to apply to my business, it would be Ray Higdon‘s concept of “invest learn teach.”  By applying this method consistently, I have been able to generate leads and sales.  What does this mean?

Invest Learn Teach Explained

So how do each of these components work?  I will explain with my take on Ray’s explanation.

Invest – Invest time and money into improving yourself.  Purchase courses that help you in your profession.  I am not talking about buying everything that comes along.  I did this early on, now I have courses that I will probably not go through for quite some time.  For example, the only courses I am purchasing right now involve mindset and blogging.

Learn – I am personally going through at least one course a month.  These include books, audio books, webinars, live events, etc.  Set aside time each day to go through the course.  When I am driving, I always have audio to listen to.  Take it all in, listen a second time if you have to, and then…

Teach – As Ray explains, many people get hung up on this aspect.  They spend the time and money on the first two and simply keep repeating that cycle.  I was in this spot for a few years.  I would learn something new, implement a part of it, and then move on to the next course.  You need to take what you learn and do something with it.  I have heard this said before and it is true – Just by going through that course, you know more than a lot of people, so do hold back.

Put all this together and it will lead to leads and sales.

The Mental Aspect Of Invest Learn Teach

Ray goes on to say that any time he goes through a product or course, or book or webinar, or attend an event.  He always thinks two fold:

  1. Think like a consumer.  Consume the information and see what applies to your business.  There will be times where things won’t apply.
  2. Think like a marketer.  As you are learning, think “well what can I take what I am learning and teach?”  Some people have an issue with this because they feel that they are taking someone else’s content.  I had trouble with this for some time.

His analogy is as follows.  The notes all your learning are just collecting dust on a shelf…those notes are literally thousands of dollars worth checks you are not cashing.  “Stop being so danged stingy and share what you are learning with the world via videos, blogs, or podcast.  The market place will react!!”

I will never stop learning and “Invest Learn Teach” is one amazing method that you can use to continually generate quality content for your blog, videos, or other methods.  Look through the notes you have taken…are you being stingy?

To your success,

Brett Eater

invest learn teach

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