Are You An Internet Marketing Parrot?

internet marketing parrotAre You An Internet Marketing Parrot?

What do I mean?  Do you join every new opportunity and program that comes along and then squawk the same boring Facebook message that everyone else does?  Are you simply copying and pasting what a “leader” tells you to say, because it worked for them?  Are you still waiting for the “magical” big money?  Originality seems to be a dying art in online marketing and it has reached a fever pitch.

A few days ago, I saw 9 different people promoting the same company.  They posted the same message about how this new income stream would be the “last business they ever have to build”, make $10,000 in 30 days, I am building a core team, blah, blah, blah…  JUST STOP IT.  I just saw you promoting another business today under the guise that “The only reason I am making this available since my business is really all I need is to help YOU, not me.”  Oh sure, you are not in it for the money…you are in it to help other people…don’t even get me started about the horribly punctuated sentence (rant over…I make spelling mistakes too, but it was just funny that multiple people posted the same thing and didn’t make any corrections).

This has become almost comical in the Internet Marketing world.  As soon as I hear of a new program launching, I can almost guarantee that the same people will start posting the exact same message that they see the “successful” marketer posting.

How To Avoid Being An Internet Marketing Parrot

Now, I am not saying multiple streams of income is bad or you shouldn’t consider it (this is a topic for another day). When you start promoting something new (or your existing program/product), you should carefully consider all aspects, including the marketing and your message.  Here are some tips to make you stand out:

  1. Don’t just copy and paste another marketer’s message.  Sure, while you learn it is certainly OK to use some standardized wording, but you need to find your own “voice”… AND PLEASE DON’T USE SOMEONE ELSE’S SCREENSHOTS OR RESULTS!!
  2. If you are asking people in a Facebook post “Would you mind if I shoot you a link” and no one is responding, it is because that type of marketing does not work for most people.
  3. Please, DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS unless you are making a strong point!
  4. Please, do not make wild a** income claims…if you do, put a disclaimer in there…
  5. Don’t spam the crap out of your Facebook Personal Profile with a different opportunity or product every 5 minutes.  Looks like amateur hour when you do that.  Also…FYI here…it is against the Facebook TOS to use your personal profile solely for your business…  Setup a Facebook Page.
  6. Watch what other marketers do – take screen shots of ads, etc.  How did I learn copywriting?  By watching other marketers do it.  For example, if you see a sponsored (paid) Facebook post in your Newsfeed, check out the engagement of the ad – how many likes, comments, requests for info, etc.  Use that as an example to create your own posts.  I keep a “swipe file” of other marketer’s stuff.  Not to copy, but to get ideas.

So, Are You Going To Be An Internet Marketing Parrot From This Day Forward?

OK, I may sound grumpy, but I have seen too many people sent down the wrong path.  Yes, you need training, but be careful who you listen to when it comes to that training.  Please don’t blindly copy what that person is doing.  Put your own personality behind it.  Marketing, at its core, is about connecting with your target audience, not just puking your business all over Facebook (and other social media).  Build an audience that wants to hear from you. When you make this shift, you will be absolutely amazed with the results.

I will leave you with a quick example.  On occasion I will promote other marketer’s training products.  Most of them, as part of affiliate contests, will provide suggested email copy, banners, and ad copy for various mediums.  I will always test those ads first to see how they draw (I do adjust them a bit for me).  Now, picture this.  You have 100 people all using the same ads, and potentially targeting the same audiences.  See the problems here.  I have tracked my results when using their ads versus those written in my own “voice” and the results are dramatic.  A recent campaign I ran saw a 56% increase in the engagement using my own ad wording.  It just works.

Please comment below, I would like your thoughts.



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  • Lisa Sicard

    August 1, 2016

    Hi Brett, loved your post. I see it often on Twitter to get more followers. Drives me nuts. Really? Who wants to purchase followers that are not in your niche or who do not care about your tweets?
    Excellent point on the creating your own wording, that is so important in many areas of social networking and marketing. Unique content, make it your own is key!

    • Brett Eater

      August 1, 2016

      Thanks Lisa. I appreciate your comment. I really feel for the new people coming into the the marketing world. I hate to see the “guru” types that seem to prey on these folks and tell them all they need to do is paste a message and the sales will follow. It takes consistent work and finding your own voice.