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Internet Marketing Help – 4 Steps To Get What You Need

internet marketing helpInternet Marketing Help – 4 Steps To Get What You Need

I NEED INTERNET MARKETING HELP!!   Yes, I am screaming.  I have heard this quite a bit from people on our team and through direct messages on the site over the last few days.  Between this and hearing a great quote on Shark Tank the other night…I thought, I should write an article about how to go about getting internet marketing help.

Back to Shark Tank…a gentleman was asked how he accomplished the research and building of his invention.  I don’t remember the exact quote, but he said “I have a degree from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.”  Loosely translated he researched his idea on the Internet.

Let me ask you something.  Do you try to figure something out before simply asking questions…or do you go directly to a mentor or team mate and ask?

Are these thoughts creeping into your head:

  • I’m overwhelmed.
  • How do I set up a funnel?
  • What the hell is an autoresponder?
  • Wait, you mean I shouldn’t just plaster my link all over Facebook?

I have been there…trust me.  I have made some big mistakes…and still do.  I have learned over the years to research before asking and I may err on the side of researching too much now. HA!

So Take A Deep Breath And Follow These 4 Steps To Get Internet Marketing Help

For the sake of this example, we will use “How do I set up an autoresponder?” as the question.  As you go through these Steps, write down what you have done.  Will save you time later.  So here goes:

Step 1: Do you have an autoresponder?  If not, do some research on Google.  I would search using the words “best autoresponder” or “top rated autoresponder” as an example.  If you do not know what an autoresponder is, start with researching that.  On a side note, I recommend aWeber and you can take a 30 day trial by Clicking Here.

Step 2: Once you have decided on the autoresponder software, go through their training and tutorials first.  If you find that there are things missing or you are stuck…head over to YouTube and search there.  You will be amazed how many how to videos there are.

Step 3:  If you are stuck, ask someone you know.  I always caution people not to ask overly complicated questions initially.  Do some independent research.  Caveat here…if the people you are working with have ready made marketing systems, etc. then that is a different story.  Worst case scenario, you could hire/outsource to solve the problem.  I actually did this recently for my website, when I realized the technical issue I was having was a waste of my time to try and fix.  IMPORTANT: If you do ask someone for help and you are not paying them…LISTEN!  There is someone on our team that has made over 100 sales in two months and people are asking what she is doing…before she can even finish, people have already decided they can’t do it…  I will say it again…LISTEN!

Step 4:  Take Action.  The single worst mistake you can make is to get too wrapped up in the technical details.  And that reminds me…don’t worry about making mistakes either.

Final Notes When You Need Internet Marketing Help

Everyone starts somewhere.  I didn’t just wake up one day and have a ready made internet marketing business.  I needed help along the way.  I am by no means telling you not to ask questions, but search engines are your friend.  I always “Google” something first…it is the easiest way to accomplish most tasks.  I have learned over the years to spend the time researching something.  You will feel like you accomplished something when you find the answer, and it will help you learn.  Down the road you can help someone else.

Hopefully this helps you.  Please like, share, and comment below.



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  • Frank Hester

    March 5, 2016

    Great blog post. Education is the key especially for a newbie marketer. There is free basic information everywhere. Search “How To” videos on YouTube and then once you have some of the basics mastered reach out to a seasoned marketer for advanced training.

    • Brett Eater

      March 8, 2016

      Thanks for visiting Frank and great add on to my post. Master it, then take it to the next level.


  • Tony W

    March 21, 2016

    Over time have learned step by step training and education is the best. Doing what you think is best will waste years of your time. You must take the time to learn and do the research for faster success 😉

    • Brett Eater

      March 22, 2016

      Thanks for visiting Tony. When getting started, I would agree that doing what you think is best…might not be (I know I have wasted time). It’s easier to look it up online! 🙂