Why You Should Pursue An Internet Marketing Education

internet marketing educationWhy You Should Pursue An Internet Marketing Education

I have posted in the past about not getting stuck in training mode.  What do I mean?  This is where all you ever do is learn…and basically never implement.  I understand, I have been stuck there too.

I have realized over the last three or four months that what I should have been doing all along was buckling down, learning something, then teaching it.  See this POST from the other day relating to the method I use.  I realized that I did not really talk about the training aspect.

It does not matter what you are marketing, there are some great methods to begin building your brand and marketing your business on the Internet.  I found my passion in blogging and using social media to promote this site.  It has been fun and frustrating all at once.

Where Do I Start With My Internet Marketing Education

First of all, you really need to figure out what your goal is?  Do you have an offline business you are bringing online?  Who is your target audience?  How much time do you have?  Are you looking to generate leads/sales or simply brand awareness?

Social Media – Facebook, InstaGram, Google Plus, etc. These are a few of the most effective sites.  I use my Facebook Fan page and have a strategy around how often I post, what I post, and then also if I run any paid advertising to the fan page.

  • TIP – Do not use your personal profile for marketing.  Sharing occasional content from your Fan Page, etc. is a good strategy, but it is actually a violation of the Facebook TOS to use your personal profile for commercial purposes…

Website/Blog – Your website/blog is your hub for your online brand.  You can run a blog, sell products, etc. all from one centralized website.  You can also install plugins that will allow you to interact with Social Media, etc.  You can set up your site for a few hundred dollars (including hiring a programmer to do the heavy lifting).

  • TIP – Make sure you set up your own self hosted domain.  Do not use free hosting accounts, or paid affiliate programs that host your blog.  One of the best comments I have heard, is once you set your site up correctly, it is your piece of Internet real estate forever.  If you are not hosting yourself, then you could potentially lose everything if for example the “done for you” blogging platform goes belly up.

Paid Advertising – This is exactly what it says.  You pay for traffic, etc.  I have tested many of the paid methods.  PPC, solo ads, Facebook PPC, Twitter PPC, click exchanges, etc.  Facebook has been by far the best performer for me.  It is not my primary method of advertising, but an important one.  I use it to promote offers and drive traffic to content.

  • TIP – You can spend a fortune very quickly on paid advertising.  For example, it took me about 3 months of consistently testing and tracking before getting my Facebook ad spend to under $0.10 consistently.  My new goal is actually to hit the $0.03 mark on a consistent basis.  Don’t get frustrated if you have poor results when you run your first few ads.  Just make sure you set a budget and understand you may exhaust it quickly as you learn.

Final Thoughts On An Internet Marketing Education

If you do pursue an Internet marketing education, make sure you fully commit.  It can be a frustrating and confusing mess.  It took me about three years to finally get into a routine, but admittedly I was just dabbling.  When I finally focused and developed a plan, the results started to build fairly quickly.  I hope these tips helped and if you are interested in starting your internet marketing education, check out the links below and let’s connect.

To your success,

Brett Eater

internet marketing education

P.S. – If you would like more information on where to start with your internet marketing education – CLICK HERE and then let’s chat.

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