Internet Haters and Trolls, Oh My!

internet haters and trollsInternet Haters and Trolls, Oh My!

Have you ever had that situation where someone just can’t say anything nice.  This is both personal and from a business perspective.  Enter the Internet Haters and Trolls.  These people are angry, negative people that find it their mission to argue, bash, and hate on everything you do.  It can be extremely frustrating.

To get this started here is a personal example:

I was shopping the other day and an obnoxious customer in front of me had the cashier in tears.  His card was declined due to availability of funds…of course the guy said, I have thousands of dollars in my account.  He grabbed the clerks wrist and yanked the card out of his hand and paid cash.  I asked him to settle down at one point and he got in my face.  I posted a longer version of this story on Facebook and I of course started getting the standard, “you don’t know their situation.”

I have been through tough times, but it doesn’t grant you free reign to act like an ahole in public.  This guy was over the top and I get it…shit happens.  Also, to the two or three people that told me I was over the top in my post on Facebook…to you I say, you were not there.  You did not see the look on the check out guys face.  Now on to business…

Online Internet Haters and Trolls

Lately, there has been flat out personal and unprofessional attacks against/between Internet marketers.  I just don’t understand it sometimes.

I have noted seasoned and new marketers falling into a few categories (Especially, when they leave a business):

  1. They join a business, expect results in 5.3 seconds with no work, quit the business…and now call it a scam.
  2. Someone broke the rules within a company (cross recruiting, etc.) and gets terminated, then blames everyone and simply should look in the mirror.
  3. After the marketer noted in 1 and 2 above leaves the program, they attack the original program with the marketing intent to sign up/make sales for their new program…these people are the most unethical scum on the internet.

So What Do You Do About Internet Haters And Trolls

I know this is sounding like a rant and it is to a certain degree because I am fed up with the hate.  The last month has shown some of the most unprofessional and personal attack garbage that I have ever witnessed both on and offline.

We need to stop this.  Today it hit a bit of a fever pitch as two internet marketers started pulling their followers into the fight.  Name calling, etc…and things too horrible to post on my blog.  The most recent volley involved a video of unlocking a handgun…REALLY?  I have never seen it this bad.

The only way to avoid these internet haters and trolls is frankly to ignore them.  I have had to do this a few times over the years…it is never easy, but to do anything other than ignoring them is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire.  Block people and move on.

One caveat here, I am not a lawyer, so if you are being threatened contact the authorities.  It is not worth responding to most of these idiots.

Please comment below…thoughts?

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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