how to increase twitter followers

Are You Wondering How To Increase Twitter Followers?

How To Increase Twitter FollowersAre You Wondering How To Increase Twitter Followers?

Like most social media programs Twitter has it’s own culture, etc.  I had always viewed it as a program that was supplemental to all other social sites.  At this point, I have tested marketing on most of them…from Instagram to Facebook to Tumblr.  Over the last few months I have really focused my efforts, some of this had to do with results and some with making sure my social media accounts did not appear to be a ghost town.

In this post, I will specifically talk about what I have done on Twitter to grow my followers organically and get some engagement going.  Please DO NOT purchase Twitter followers…I made this mistake a number of years ago and it is a waste of money (note: Twitter has its own paid advertising, which is another topic, I mean do not pay outside of Twitter for followers).

How To Increase Twitter Followers Tips

  • Commenting directly to other Twitter user names (NOT SPAM) – Look for others within your niche – Tag them directly using the @ and their user name.  Example, if you learned something from the person or they helped you out.  For example, one of my go to people for Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Training is Ray Higdon.  He is just one example of people with a large following.  Get to know them, get involved in their Tweets…maybe they will mention you…  I thanked a friend, who is also an awesome Internet Marketer via Twitter just the other day and gained a few followers when she thanked me back.
  • Hashtags – Pay attention to what is trending within in your niche.  For example, you could start by researching the hashtag – #mlm.  I would suggest getting a bit more specific, but this is just an example.  This is similar to doing keyword research.  Write tweets and content (blog post maybe) focused around those hashtags.  You can also get involved and engage in conversations with others in those hashtags.  Comment, re-tweet, and favorite people within these hashtag discussions.  This is the most powerful tip relating to how to increase Twitter followers.
  • Managing Followers – Use a program like JustUnfollow to manage your followers.  There will always be people you want to follow that don’t follow you back, which is fine.  I use these programs to remove inactive folks I am following or people that have unfollowed me that aren’t providing any real value.  At times you will follow someone that spams your wall, etc. and these tools can help with that.

how to increase twitter followersMy Results After I Learned How To Increase Twitter Followers

Simply by following the steps I have outlined above results in new followers each day.  In the 3 months I have been using this approach, I have added well over 300 new, and engaged, followers for free, so these tips on how to increase Twitter followers will produce results.  It takes time to build up the following, but once you do, Twitter takes on a bit of a viral feel as people start interacting with your content.

I am providing valuable content when I tweet something.  I have taken this same approach on other social media platforms.  I do share some personal stuff, but generally use them for my blog, etc.  If you have been thinking about using Twitter for marketing definitely check it out.  Let me know if I can help.

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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