how to get more traffic to your blog

Are You Wondering How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog?

how to get more traffic to your blogAre You Wondering How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog?

Now you have a blog.  You are creating great content, but no traffic yet.  What gives?  I am on my third year blogging and generating traffic to a blog is always an interesting endeavor.  Yes, your posts can be found in the search engines, so organic traffic can happen, but what exactly can you do to supplement that type of traffic.

Over the last year, I have built out a bit of a routine that I use; however, I recently listened to a podcast by one of my blogging mentors, Ray Higdon.  He went into detail greater detail relating to how to get more traffic to your blog.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog – Social Sites

Social media is an awesome way to drive traffic to your blog.  Here are the sites I use and what I do on each one:

Facebook – I do not use my personal profile, other than to interact in the two categories below:

  • Facebook FanPage – This is where I share most of my content on Facebook.  I will also occasionally run an inexpensive ad to the blog article through my FanPage.
  • Facebook Groups (Both Public and Private) – I share my content in a few Facebook Groups set up specifically to share content.  Honestly, I do not see much traffic from them as many of the groups have become spam driven.

Pinterest –  Pin (as they call it) a good picture with a link to your blog post.

InstaGram – I was not doing this until Ray gave the idea in the podcast that I will outline.  Take a screenshot of the blog.  InstaGram does not allow links, so you can post a generic/shortened link to your blog in the comments and edit the picture to include the link.  Use a few hashtags (don’t overdo this)…as an example, #mlm or #companyname.

LinkedIn – Post your content with a short description.

Twitter – Twitter is tied to my Facebook FanPage, so it autoposts to Twitter.  Use hashtags here as well.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog – Other Methods

ViralContentBuzz – This site has been awesome.  You can register for free and add your Social Media sites.  For each post your share, credits are added to your account.  You then can create “projects” for your blog posts and add them.  Others share your content as well.  This site has helped grow my social media accounts and drive traffic to my blog.  CLICK HERE

SocialAdr – Another social bookmarking similar to ViralContentBuzz.  CLICK HERE

Commenting On Other Blogs – This method helps build links to your site.  Pick 5 to 10 other bloggers sites each day and provide quality comments on their posts.  Most of the commenting areas allow for links, so you can put in a link to your most recent blog post.

Ray also gave two great additional tips that I personally always need to remember:

  1. Most powerful way to get more traffic is to be more consistent.
  2. For more engagement on your posts, interact with people that comment on your blog.

I hope this helps you drive some new and ever increasing traffic to your blog.

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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