Golf and Online Marketing

The Approach To Golf And Online Marketing Is Strikingly Similar

Golf and Online MarketingThe Approach To Golf And Online Marketing Is Strikingly Similar

Golf is like Online Marketing.  Sounds like something Forest Gump would say…

I am an avid golfer (when I have time anyway).  As I was thinking about what to write about today, my mind turned to a recent round of golf.  First a little background story, I have played golf since I was 5 or 6 years old.  I have had good rounds and some pretty horrendous ones.  I played on the high school team and on on the college team for a year.  The years that I played well involved quite a bit of practice.  I would hit the range for a couple of hours most evenings.  Last night started off great.  Then the 4th hole rolled around and I got myself into trouble.  After that, I had a good hole here and there, but I had lost my focus.

Golf and Online Marketing Both Take Time

I tell you this story because this morning as I was sitting here thinking about what to write on my blog, I realized something.  I have been approaching golf with pretty much the same attitude I had been approaching my past stints into online marketing.  I play once a week and expect to play like Tiger Woods (insert any top golfers name here, but you get my point).  My experiences with Network Marketing and Lead Generation have been the same.  Work hard for a few weeks and then give up, or worse switch to another method because it was supposedly not working…or start having some success and then sit back and relax.  Either approach is bound to lead to failure.  In golf, as long as you are consistently practicing, a bad hole may occur, but the opportunity will present itself to make up ground.  It comes down to consistent sustained effort.

How do Golf and Online Marketing fit together?

The key to success in any endeavor is consistent effort.  Golf and Online Marketing are no different.  What have you done today?  Post an ad, sign up for a COOP, dig into Pay Per Click advertising, etc.  Pick up the phone and call some of your customers and see how things are going, send an email to your list, DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.  Make a commitment to spend time each day and stay the course.  Consistent effort will help you reach your goals.  If you are new, start with an action plan to focus on one area of your business.  For example, don’t try every marketing method at once.  Break your training and marketing down into manageable steps, once you have mastered one aspect, move on to the next, and so on (another golf analogy…go to the driving range and work on your irons one week, work on your sand game the next, etc.)  Before too long, you will have more leads and activity that you know what to do with and that is a good problem to have.

Hope you enjoyed reading.  If you are new to marketing and need some training or coaching, let me know.


Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

Golf and Online Marketing

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