Are You Frustrated With Trying To Generate Your First Lead?

generate your first leadAre You Frustrated With Trying To Generate Your First Lead?

I know that a ton of people would answer yes to this question.  I am not talking about sending a link to your friend down the street, or that weird guy at the coffee shop.  I mean have you made a real connection with someone who then opted into your capture page; or through a form of attraction/passive marketing (i.e. – a blog, video, etc.).  People get frustrated quickly with lead generation.  There are many ways to do it, but it all takes time, and in some cases money.

I use a combination of free and paid advertising to generate between 15 and 20 leads per day.  One thing I will tell you is that it definitely takes consistency.  This article is about how to generate your first lead.  After you capture the lead, it is up to you follow up.

What Is Holding You Back From Learning The Right Way To Generate Your First Lead

Here’s the thing…it really is not that complicated.  I have a tendency to make it that way and my brain starts to stray back to the days of clutter.  Here are some of the questions I have asked myself in the past:

1.  That is too easy, surely it won’t work.  IT DID!

2.  That’s dumb, I can do it better.  NO YOU CAN’T!

3.  What the hell is a lead magnet?  Amazing concept.

4.  That guy is goofy.  He still is.

5.  How much money am I going to spend before someone buys?  YIKES…made many dumb mistakes

6.  Why did that guy just respond to me and call me a really nasty name…he opted in to my list?  He was just angry…

OK, so I had a little bit of fun there, but most, if not all, of these thoughts have crossed my mind over the years.  I was overcomplicating it.  When I finally got it into my head that I needed to implement, rather than question everything…the magic started to happen.

Blah, blah, blah – So Stop Talking And Tell Me What I Need To Do To Generate Your First Lead Already

Here are five tips:

  • Connect with People on Social Media – I use Facebook and InstaGram quite successfully.  Twitter is there as well.  I have a newer Facebook Page setup (CLICK HERE), and I post content there.  I also interact in some Groups with others.  You can build an audience for free on these platforms fairly quickly, but being genuine and interacting with people.  Stop spamming (I have talked about this before…check out some old Blog posts).
  • Setup a Blog – This site has evolved over the years, but my original setup took a weekend and cost less than $100. I have generated a ton of leads writing content for my site.
  • Paid Advertising – Facebook paid advertising is awesome – I use it regularly.  Bing PPC is also very good.  There are others as well.
  • YouTube – This is another area that I should be focusing on more, as it is 100% free…You can record a quick video on your phone that answers a question or helps someone with a problem.  I am starting to record videos for each of my blog posts.  I love that traffic, because it is 100% free.
  • Join online marketing forums and interact there.  I have made many a great connection this way (and sales).

That about sums it up.  There are tons of ways to generate your first lead.  You just need to do it!!

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Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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