effective delegation

Here Is What I Have Learned About Effective Delegation

effective delegationHere Is What I Have Learned About Effective Delegation

It has been busy so far this summer.  I have been focusing on other things lately and just have not spent enough time here on my site.  Blogging is my true passion and it bugs me when I don’t have time.  While I was running and listening to a podcast today I got to thinking about effective delegation.

I was listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk podcast and it reminded me again why I have so much trouble getting things done sometimes.  I try to do all of it myself.  I have talked in the past about a 10 minute rule I have (see a post I did about that HERE).  Essentially, if a technical issue takes more than 10 minutes, I will outsource it.

What Is The Number One Rule To Effective Delegation

So back to the podcast, Gary V was answering a listeners question about how he gets everything done:

“The number one rule to delegation: Recognizing that 99.9% of things don’t mean sh**.  If you actually think it’s not that important, it becomes a hell of a lot easier to let somebody else do it.  If you can recognize someone else’s 7.7 skills is better off because that job is worth that, versus your 10.0 skills, it’s humility my friend. Ego is often times is the issue with delegation.”

He goes on to say that he has a ton of ego, but has a boatload more humility.

I have struggled with delegation my entire life.  The quote above really hit home with me today.  My goal is to get better at making a list of items that I need to get done and delegate everything except for the essentials.

Three Tips For Effective Delegation

1.  Delegate as much as I can.  I am going to delegate all non-essential tasks.  This could be planning (i.e. setting goals), hiring/outsourcing, and maintaining relationships with my team.  Pretty much everything else can be delegated.

2.   I will not delegate key tasks simply because I don’t like doing them.  This particular practice is something that I feel some managers and entrepreneurs fail at (including me).  They delegate the stuff the don’t like doing rather than the tasks that don’t need their attention.

3.  Constantly evaluate what you are delegating.  Planning is crucial.  For instance, when outsourcing, expectations and objectives should be clearly defined.  I have found a few good outsourcing options and I make sure to take care of them when they do a good job.  It is always trial and error.

Please comment and share if this helped you.

Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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