Creating Lasting Change In Business With 5 Consistent Activities

creating lasting changeCreating Lasting Change In Business With 5 Consistent Activities

Are you open for business?  Has your business flatlined or hit a plateau?  If so, the first question you should ask yourself is:

Are you being consistent with activities that would lead to creating last change?

OK, so what do I mean?  Well, we are all busy, but I have to constantly think about where I am focusing my time.  Just the other day, I was updating something on this site and ended up down a rabbit hole for two hours.  Did this task need to be completed?  Yes, but I should not have spent two hours focusing on it.

One of the things that I do everyday is listen to or read some type of personal develop (more on this later) and as I was listening to one such podcast the other day, it got me thinking.  The speaker (Adam) identified 5 areas that should be focused on consistently each day to keep your business moving forward.  If you want to listen in on these live calls or the podcasts let me know.

Here Are The Steps To Creating Lasting Change

  1. Content Creation – I was pretty poor at consistently creating content for a long time.  Now I create a minimum of one piece of content per day.  This could be a blog post, a video, or a Facebook Page post, etc.  There are many different approaches, but the key is making sure you do it on a regular basis.
  2. Expose People To Your Product or Business – This is not selling or spamming your link all over the place.  ONe aspect that I enjoy is to provide a solution to someones problem.  For example, someone needs help with lead generation, I would share a free webinar with them that will help them with the problem.  Another one…they are not able to figure something out with their autoresponder…I have multiple videos for that.  Make sense?
  3. Grow Your Audience Daily – My goal is to connect with 5 new people each day.  This could be via the phone, Twitter, or Facebook.  These are my three primary methods.  I am not just talking about generating a lead here, rather, personally connecting with someone and getting to know them.
  4. Listen to Personal Development Daily – I consume 15 to 30 minutes daily of personal development.  This could be anything from reading a few pages out of a book or listening to a podcast while I am driving.  It is amazing what you pick up and learn in just 30 minutes per day.  This will also help you with #1 above, as I get much of my content ideas from things I listen to or read.
  5. Attend all Live Events – This would be training calls, webinars, or an in-person live event.  Everyone is busy, but I attend at least 3 or 4 webinar based events each month and 2 or more conference (in person) live events per year.  Here is the main reason…it keeps you up to date as to what is going on within your niche.

Creating Lasting Change In Your Business Is Not An Overnight Endeavor

The 5 items I noted above are obviously not all encompassing, but if you consistently apply them over time, your business will begin an amazing transition.  Don’t have a sprint mentality…meaning, do you work really hard for a few weeks and then stop to smell the roses (I have been there…it happens).  Stick too consistent actions each day and your business will be both sustainable and will continue to grow.

I have proven time and again that once you stop performing consistently, your sales, etc. will definitely slow down.  This may seem like common sense, but I see many people struggling with this one area.

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