5 Tips To Deal With Business Stress

5 Tips To Deal With Business Stress

business stressMan it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Some days I am really not sure how I get everything done.  From projects to family stuff, there are not enough hours in the day.  Business stress gets to me, but I have found some methods and tools to help me deal with it.  It is not always easy and this has definitely been a trial and error process.  I have made many mistakes, so the below tips are a reminder to me and hopefully will help you.

Here Are The Tips To Deal With Business Stress

1.  Exercise – I realized that I was not focusing on this enough.  I am getting up a half hour earlier and working through one of the “Couch to 5K” programs and am planning to run a 5K this summer for a competitive time.  What this has led to is extra time in the morning and a more clear mind to focus on business related items.  If you are not already exercising at least 30 minutes a day, you will be amazed how much this helps.

2.  Tracking – I have started a spreadsheet tracking everything I need to do for a blog post.  I set a goal to create at least one new blog post per week (the more the better, so I can track multiple posts) and the spreadsheet reflects everything I need to do to promote the post.

3.  Scheduling – I realized that I had gotten away from tracking my time.  I am back to focusing on what I do for every minute of the day.  Recently, I refreshed my schedule and decided to take a week to track everything I worked on.  For example, I have time showing on my planner for blogging.  I realized that I was spending time looking at Facebook, when I should have been blogging.  Don’t deviate when you schedule time.

4.  Organization – I have been through enough training programs talking about this, but it never really clicked until I decided to take care of some things around the house.  I needed to clean the garage and my office.  I have alotted time each day to focus on cleaning up and organization.  It is amazing how much more focused I have become and how these items were weighing on me.  Here is a tip, set a timer for 15 minutes solely to focus on something that you have needed to take care of.  Only focus on that item during that time.  After a week or so, you will be done with something that has been hanging out there.  Getting organized has had the single largest impact on my business stress levels.

5.  Ignore everything, except what is producing results.  There are so many shiny objects online…there are times were it makes sense to introduce something new, but most of the time, people jump from opportunity to opportunity and their efforts are diluted.  Until you have success and results coming in, do not waver in your focus.

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Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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