The Three Keys To Building Your Network Marketing Business

building your network marketing businessThe Three Keys To Building Your Network Marketing Business

Lately, I have been looking at all aspects of my business – both the affiliate side and network marketing side.  I am currently participating in a 100 Day Challenge.  Just finishing up the 5th Week and it has been eye opening!  When I stepped back and thought about where I have had trouble, I identified three areas.

When Building Your Network Marketing Business There Are Three Things You Need To Get Good At!

1.  Lead Generation

This is a pretty obvious one.  Without leads you would have no one to talk to, right?  You need to have a constant flow of hungry prospects for your business.  I am not going to get into lead generation methods here, as that is a much larger topic, but this involves both online and offline lead generation/prospecting.

My personal opinion is that the “MAGIC” will start to happen with your business when you consistently see 10 to 20 leads a day coming to your for information on your product and program.  Lead generation is not too terribly difficult.  It takes training and time to learn to do it effectively, but I will push back towards anyone that tells me they can’t generate leads.

2.  Consistent Action

This has been a huge problem for me.  There are so many distractions out there nowadays (in life too), that it has become increasing difficult to stay focused.  At one point, I was focusing on all marketing methods…OK, I am kidding, but you get the point.  When I finally zeroed in on one method and stuck with it, I started to see some great activity.

I am tracking my results now and also tracking what I am doing on a daily basis.  For the last four weeks, I have been moving away from my shotgun approach.  I am now laser focused on creating content and generating leads through a paid strategy.  So often new marketers (and even some experienced ones) get hung up on results.  What do I mean?  After a week, they do not see any leads or sales and they change gears to something new.  Stick with it…master what you are currently working on…

3.  Develop The Ability To Deal With Adversity and Challenges

I will be blunt!!  You will have challenges.  From website issues to naysayers, you will have something happening frequently that could derail you.  It is important to have a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be with your business.  Confront the challenges head on, and find a way to address them.  Connect with other people in your company or community that are positive influences.  If negative people start beating down your door – remember the “I’m rubber and your glue” saying from childhood.

Get Moving On Building Your Network Marketing Business

I hope these tips have helped you.  Success does not come easy and it will NOT happen over night.  I have been at this for over 15 years and I can tell you that I have had both.  9 out of ten times, the failures (althought I learned alot from them) came when I deviated from my plan or let people/events get to me.  Now, get moving towards building your network marketing business!!

To your success,

Brett Eater

building your network marketing business

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