Are you searching for the best online businesses?

Are you searching for the best online businesses?best online businesses

I have been around the Internet Marketing space for a few years and if you are just starting out I can understand some of the frustration you must be going through.  Even with a list of the best online businesses, I am not so sure it is easy to wade through the vast amount of information.  In the ten plus years I have been online, it has been quite mind numbing at times.

Where do you start when searching for the best online businesses?

Well, I started in the offline world, so when making the transition to Internet marketing, I began by researching as much as possible on Google and then also visiting some of the online forums.  One of the more difficult things to discern is what is true and what is fabricated.  How did I get around this?  If a person posted something negative about an online opportunity, I would actually search for that person.  For instance, I found a bunch of negative posts about the company I decided to join last summer.  My next step was to look up the person posting the negative comments.  Do you know what I found?  Most of them tried the business for a month and then said, this does not work and moved on…that is insane.  How can someone think that a business can be built to profitability in weeks or a few short months?

So how many companies did I research during my quest for the best online businesses?

I think I looked at close to 20 companies last summer and it is easy to get hit by shiny object syndrome (i.e. the next best thing).  I spent about a month researching, before finally joining a company.  I actually joined more than one, as my search led me to a company offering products that I really was interested in; however, my first goal was to “reset” my brain to truly learn how to market online.  There are a number of systems out there, but there is only one that met all my requirements.   I decided that I needed to join a company that has a proven marketing system, training, and products.  I made the right choice.  Below is a snapshot of my autoresponder.  I am adding between 5 and 10 leads per day, simply by following the training.  That 1,037 is the total number of leads I have generated in the last few months.

best online businesses

The search for the best online businesses can be interesting.  Take your time and find a system that you feel comfortable with.  Focus, follow the system, and you will find online success.

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best online businesses

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