What is the best online advertising method?

best online advertisingWhat is the best online advertising method?

Well, this is up for debate, but the best online advertising source for me is blogging.  All methods of online advertising have learning curves.  For instance, blogging is not just about posting articles, etc. on your blog.  First, it is about quality content, then you have on page SEO (search engine optimization), syndicating, backlinking, and social sharing.  It is crazy how much there is to learn, but get this.  Once I made the decision to focus on blogging as my main source of traffic and lead generation, I started to see results.  This has happened in less than a month.  A little training and research…you can definitely do it too.  Two of the products I used to learn aspects of blogging are Posting on Purpose for Profit and Predatory SEO.

How do you pick and then embrace the best online advertising source?

OK, so I chose blogging.  It is not for everyone.  You have to research the various online marketing methods and choose one or two to focus on.  I have mentioned this in prior blog posts.  I was all over the place and generating a few leads per day from about five different methods.  When I finally focused on one and decided to master it, I began to see my traffic and leads become more consistent.  Actually, when working online you need to be consistent with whatever you chose – ALWAY REMEMBER THIS.  Full disclosure – I do occasionally still purchase solo ads, which is a paid method, wherein someone emails their list.  This is simply supplemental, but blogging is the main focus.

Where do you find the best online advertising?

The first place you can look in an obvious one. Google…  Search it out.  Look for blogs of Internet Marketers.  Look for Internet Marketing forums.  Check out some of the affiliate programs (had to plug this option, see the end of this post, for one that I use.  Best training on the Internet).  Whatever you pick, take your time.  Choose an option that fits you and your personality, then learn everything you can about it.  Don’t get too hung up on the training though…get started and learn while you earn.  Just get started and you will experience the results many of us have!

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best online advertising

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