Thanks for visiting. My name is Brett Eater. I started into the world of online marketing about 10 years ago. I will admit to not taking it seriously for the first few years. As Diane Hochman said recently on a conference call, “Good, honest, hard working people will scramble for years because they ignore the slow, hard work of networking.” I focused too much on making the sale instead of making connections and providing value. My other excuses were far and wide…I am too busy with a full time job and a growing family, etc. I did not have clarity of focus so to speak. Attendance at a recent event finally shed light on my shortcomings and from that I developed a plan that is already showing results.

I have a wonderful wife and two children. We live in Texas, although we are originally from Pennsylvania.

The intent of this website and blog is to share my experiences while navigating the online marketing work and hopefully provide you with some useful information that you can use online. I would love for you to get involved with the site, so please comment, give me feedback, and stop back often.