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5 Facebook Marketing Tips With A Couple Of No-Nos

facebook marketing tips5 Facebook Marketing Tips With A Couple Of No-Nos

I have written a few posts relating to Facebook and wanted to post an update based on things I have seen in the last month or so.  Facebook changes quite quickly.  Their apps (at least from Apple) are updated frequently and they are definitely getting better.

I am going through a revamp of my Social Media Brand, so you will see some changes over the coming weeks to both my Facebook Page and my other social media accounts.  I am constantly seeking new education, so I just started a new course that is specifically focused on building a large Facebook Page following.  More to come on that later.  Let’s get started.

A Couple Of No-No’s As The First Two Facebook Marketing Tips

  • Don’t post your affiliate/company link – This is a bad idea for many reasons.  Over time Facebook has blocked some of the more “popular” companies/programs and reps can no longer post affiliate links.  It is always good to mask your links and use some type of tracking anyway, so protect your company and program.  It also appears quite spammy when everyone is posting the same links.
  • Don’t tag people in marketing posts – I am amazed that this continues to occur.  Every day, I am tagged in posts that are just crap products and have no value.  You know the one…”hey look at me with my wad of cash, I am supposedly a millionaire marketer, so let me tag 900 people in this post.”  People have got to stop this type of marketing.  It is not a long term strategy and new people that you make a sale to/sign up will think they need to do it to.  When the new person’s account gets banned, you will lose all credibility.

And Now…Three Facebook Marketing Tips

  • Reply to comments – This seems like a no brainer, but you would be suprised how few people actually do this.  If someone posts a comment on one of your posts, reply to it.  I generally will like each comment people make and reply where appropriate.
  • Use a Facebook Page – Stop using your personal profile as your primary means of marketing your business or product.  It clearly violates the Facebook TOS.  This is probably the best of all Facebook marketing tips I could give.  Lately, I have noticed an uptick in people having accounts shut down or Facebook jail due to this.  Set up a page for your business and promote using that rather than your personal profile.  I occasionally share my Facebook page back to my personal profile, but that is it.
  • Provide valuable content – Take the time to write some valuable content.  Don’t just spam your link or post motivational quotes five times a day.  Is less, really more?  In some respects I would say, yes.  If I have a choice between quality over quantity, I would definitely post less on your Facebook page for your business.  If you are taking the time to craft quality posts, then by all means post it.  I personally do not post unless I have something of quality.  A general rule is to post some form of non-salesy engaging content…then when you do want to sell something, it will appear in newsfeed organically.

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Wishing you success,

Brett Eater

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